Global Service
#Global Production Support
Our English-speaking staff will be able to coordinate with clients overseas, offering the opportunity to collaborate with creative staff from our various divisions. With experiences collaborating with various companies in America, Asia, and Europe, our team can support throughout the production to create content in the Japanese way of quality.
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#Video Editing
Our main business is to create a video advertisement that is not only appealing but accurately delivering the content’s message, through film editing and audio mixing.
We can finish up the high-quality content, effectively composing the footage materials and sounds in order to match with the intended plan.
#Shooting Equipment Rental#Shooting Accesories
CRANK division consists of a team of DOP, DIT and DM, with access to various motion picture equipment that the company owns and offers to our client.
As visual quality is just as important as the message that the content has, our team will coordinate the most suitable equipment accordingly, working across the divisions.
There is a variation of motion picture film equipment that our staff can coordinate based on the content and the budget.
#CG Production
LUDENS is a VFX division working with Japanese major clients. We have experience creating CG shots in TV commercials, music videos, and movies for the large screen.
Our division consists of top artists and producers, and we will suggest and produce content using cutting-edge technologies, through the integration of CGI and live-action, We have been receiving high reputations from the clients.
Media Garden
#Shooting Studio#Lighting Equipment Rental
Media Garden owns one of the largest shooting studios in Japan. Out of the studios that the client could choose from, based on the purpose and the scale, our team also could suggest lighting equipment that is most fit for the shooting and based on its usage/budget. From traditional to the latest equipment, we offer various equipment.
#Production Planning
Our production team Fuze will manage from planning to production of contents, working across the divisions throughout the company. From motion picture contents including,TV commercial, Music video, Corporate video to AR/VR contents, we will propose a production workflow that is suited to the budget and provides high-quality content.
#Interactive Content Production
As AR/VR became widely popular through public events, corporate presentations, educational fields, our interactive content production team REALIZE will suggest plans and create applications using mobile devices for interactive contents that would be a new experience for the users.


#Location Coordinate
The NEGO-TI department will be able to support location coordination, researching, and location permitting. As we have the connection to coordinate a variety of locations in Japan and experience in coordinating for many global projects, we will be able to suggest a suitable location accordingly for the beautiful seasons in Japan.

Other Businesses

#Other Businesses
‧High speed storage SSD rental
‧Real-time streaming service