GENESIS G35 VINTAGE '66 demo movie production



Our CRANK division has a wide range of camera equipment and lenses, and we decided to showcase a few, the "GENESIS G35 Vintage '66" cine lenses by Gecko-Cam in Germany. The showcase was in the form of a demo movie which highlighted the features and characteristics of the lenses, and was a result of cross-division collaboration.

Please take a look!

【Grading Ver.】


The camera used was an ARRI ALEXA LF. To make it easy to see how the image looked as shot for comparison, a version using ungraded Log-C footage converted into Rec 709 was also created. The focal length of the lens used is also listed here.

【Log-C to Rec 709 Ver.】


A soft, beautiful flare with warmth


A soft, beautiful flare with warmth was designed by applying a non-coating to the front lens and a single-layer coating to the intermediate lens. The light wraps around, making it possible to shoot soft images with low contrast.

An original look, not just a copy of the Canon K-35


It is a general misconception that the GENESIS G35 ≒ Canon K-35 (Cine lens of the 1970s), but while the G35 can shoot with a beautiful circular bokeh similar to the K-35 and gives warm face tones, it offers more. It also has the characteristics of a modern lens with its high image quality at its focal point and ability to offer clear and clean images.

A Wide-angle lens with low distortion


With vintage lenses, the peripheral distortion of wide lenses is noticeable, and may not be suited for shooting buildings or subjects with many straight lines.

The GENESIS G35 Vintage '66 has less distortion even for a wide-angle lens, and enables beautiful perspective expression expected of a wide-angle lens.

100mm Macro with a close-up magnification ratio of 1:1

レイヤー 9.jpg

The GENESIS G35 Vintage '66 range covers all bases from a macro lens for product photography, a standard lens and wide lens for shooting people and landscapes. Thus, offering the ability to shoot an entire movie with a unified look.

Controlling the vintage look


When aiming for a vintage-look for advertising spots, a real vintage lens may affect product photography and model photography due to darkening, peripheral distortion, and reduced resolution.

However the GENESIS G35 Vintage '66 lenses gives creators control over looks with lighting and grading, combining the high performance of modern lenses and the look and flare of vintage lenses.

An Image circle of 46.3mm, compatible with large format cameras


Many vintage lenses are incompatible with large format cameras such as the ARRI ALEXA LF and SONY VENICE cameras.

The GENESIS G35’ 66 lenses are large-format compatible as a result of cutting-edge design and engineering.

About Gecko-Cam


Gecko-Cam GmbH (hereafter Gecko-Cam) are a professional cine equipment manufacturer, located in the southern part of Munich, Germany.
The company was founded by Peter Bentele, who was originally a Camera Service Technician for ARRI film cameras.
Initially, the focus for the company was on repairs for film cameras, lenses, O’connor and Sachtler heads, as well as selling lens inspection equipment such as projectors and collimators.

In 2016, Heinz Ratzinger, the owner of one of Germany's largest rental houses, joined to start developing the original cine lens.
Tapping into his experience at the rental house and contacts with DPs, the first GENESIS G35 was born.
Ratzinger took over at Gecko-Cam in 2017, from which the company also started working on lens rehousing to bring back classic lenses of the past to the modern shooting scene.

Please check the following links to find details about the lenses available for rental from CRANK

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35mm T1.4 / 50mm T1.4 / 85mm T1.4 / 135mm T2.0 /
100mm MACRO

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Making of Demo Movie

Demo Movie Cast staff roll

TREE Digital Studio
Direction/Editing: Yuji MinamiDIGITAL GARDEN
Cinematography: Kazuko Yonezawa(CRANK
DIT:Mariko KagawaCRANK
Steadycam: Tatsuyuki Kozen(CRANK
Colorist: Naohiro Kawamura(DIGITAL GARDEN
Music/Sound mix: Azusa Ikemoto(DIGITAL GARDEN
Interpreter: Risa Endo(GLOBAL
Location Production: Kazuyuki Watanabe/Fumio Kikuya/Akinori Doi(NEGO-TI
Filmmaking Equipment: CRANK
Lighting Equipment: Media Garden

Special Thanks To
Lighting: Ritsu Fujie
Stylist: Terumasu Yamada
Hair and Makeup: Miho Matsuda
Transportation: Groove Corp.
Prop Car: SEEK Ltd.

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