Mondays: See You 'This' Week! won gold at Switzerland’s Vevey International Funny Film Festival, now streaming on Netflix



We are pleased to announce that the film “Mondays: See You 'This' Week!” (planning/production by CHOCOLATE Inc.), shot and graded by our own TREE staff, won the gold prize in the feature film category at the Vevey International Funny Film Festival 2023 in Vevey, Switzerland!  

The Vevey International Funny Film Festival, held since 2015, celebrates “the humor of film” rather than a film’s aesthetic value. 
The last time a Japanese film won gold was 5 years ago, with “One Cut of the Dead” in 2018. 

In this new kind of office time loop movie, every employee in a small office repeats the same week over and over. 

Starring: Wan Marui, Makita Sports
Director: Ryo Takebayashi (BOOKMARK 14)

Mondays is streaming on Netflix from November 1! Please take a look! 

Staff List
Grading: Ai Hirata(DIGITAL GARDEN)
DP: Tatsuyuki Kozen(CRANK management)
1st Assistant: Yuta Kudo (CRANK)
2nd Assistant: Keinosuke Asato(CRANK)
DM: Yoshinari Tsukada(CRANK)

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